Health 2 Humanity’s Bars of Hope - Great for your skin. Great for this world.

Gentle, yet effective

Many brand name soaps out there contain hundreds of chemicals that are extremely harmful to your skin. NOT Bars of Hope. Our soaps clean and moisturize your skin follow without using dangerous ingredients or chemicals.  Made in California with our own specially formulated recipe, Bars of Hope are what your skin has been looking for. 

NATURAL ingredients

Bars of Hope rejuvenates your skin with ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Shea Butter. These natural ingredients are proven to help with acne, dry skin, cellular aging, and UV protection. We also infuse our soaps with African botanicals to gently exfoliate your skin and ready pores to absorb all our nutrients, antioxidents, and vitamins! 


It’s our goal to provide entrepreneurship education and help start business around the world.  Over the past 3 years, we have launched 13 soap businesses throughout Kenya, Uganda, & Ghana. All are still in business today, providing a total of 35 jobs to support families while increasing community hygiene standards.

Your skin deserves only the best and with Health 2 Humanity’s Bars of Hope we believe it starts at the source.

We believe its unethical for large generic soap brands to sell you products that harm you. Its our mission to be 100% transparent with our ingredients and their benefits.

  • COCONUT OIL - Coconut oil is the all-in-one natural solution to all your skin problems. It soothes bug bites, speeds healing, helps with rashes, gets rid of flaking skin, softens and shrinks wrinkles, protects against sun damage, keeps tans longer, and acts as an antioxidant to prevent cellular aging.

  • buy Pregabalin usapurchase Lyrica from canada PALM OIL - The Cancer Fighter. Lipids in our skin can be damaged or oxidized by ozone exposure, which can lead to free radicals being generated in our skin. The oxidation of lipids resulting in free radicals have been proven to be an underlying cause of many skin diseases, including cancer. Palm oil can fight free radicals and prevent them from forming in the first place.

  • OLIVE OIL - Olive oil is loaded with nutrition and antioxidants like vitamins A and E, which can help repair skin damage from sun exposure, cigarette smoke and pollutants.
  • CASTOR OIL - Castor Oil has been known to contribute to the treatment of skin problems such as: ringworms, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and scalp infections. The oil also serves as a moisturizer, scar fader, antimicrobial.

  • SHEA BUTTER - Shea butter is an extraordinary skin care product and an amazing body healer. It includes unsaturated fats with a large proportion of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin D, and Provitamin A. All these are found naturally in Shea butter, making it a superfood for your skin! Shea butter also helps with wrinkles, fine lines, scars, inflammation, and dry skin, while providing UV protection to make your skin stronger, more supple, and restored.

Featured Aromatic Scents: Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Natural Unscented

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What our Customer's Are Saying....

When I got the soap package, I opened it and the scent of peppermint almost knocked me to the floor.  It was delicious and so was the lemon.
23.4MM Impressions

The scents are power and invigorating. They lather nicely and leave your skin feeling clean and soft.

New Age Mama
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